This 4 minute video shows you step by step how to join the video conference to watch the Secret Ballot process.

The Audio in the video is sub-standard because it is a sound recording of a webpage on microphone. Your audio should be much clearer, without the delay.

After forwarding to your email address to Julie@ReturningOfficer.com.au , a calendar invite will be sent to you with a video link that can be used via your web browser. No need to download software or sign in.

In the event that your Meeting is adjourned, a new Meeting link will be sent to you via email.

Zoom meetings.mp4

To ensure you can see the Secret Ballot clearly, at the top RHS of your screen click on Gallery View. Once the Ballot commences move your mouse to the thumbnail image of the Returning Officer. Once your mouse is on the image, you will see 3 blue dots. Click on the dots and 'Pin The Video' to the Returning Officer so that you have a full view of the Ballot regardless of who is speaking.

Computer requirements & information to improve the technical aspects of the video conference.

You can use the link on a Macintosh (MAC) or Microsoft computer.

If you use the link on a MAC you will need to use either Google Chrome or Firefox web browser to use the link, or alternatively you can download the app.

May 2020: Zoom does not work with Microsoft Edge - the latest version of Internet Explorer.

May 2020: If you have downloaded Zoom application please update to Zoom 5.0 to join meetings using GCM Encryption.

To interact with the Returning Officer your computer must have audio and camera capability and must be switched on.

As the video switches from speaker to speaker the optimal way of viewing the secret ballot is to 'pin the video'. To do so click on the thumb nail view of the returning officer till 3 dots on the RHS appears. Right click and click on 'pin the video'. This allows you to see a larger screen of the ballot. You can unpin the video at any time.

If you don't have a camera or if your camera is switched off, you will still be able to view the Secret Ballot process, but I will not be able to view you.

If you wish to run a test with me, please email me in advance of your Meeting.

Should you wish to download the software for a better experience and ongoing use, please click on link below: www.zoom.com